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Hyperbaric Oxygen, it is not an easy task to simplify and summarize a scientific discipline that can be as complicated and complex as "rocket science".

Hyperbaric Oxygen is not an entry level field of study, but rather a unique and advanced level of expertise that spans many differing scientific disciplines - from Biochemical Science to Engineered Equipment - from expertise in Aviation, Aerospace and Diving - from underwater Military Manoeuvers to deep sea Scientific Exploration through to Commercial Construction - and even the technical aspects of a recreational sport.

Canadian Hyperbarics continues to be committed to the professional and ethical advancement of Hyperbaric Oxygen. The information provided on this site is a product of that dedication. We trust that you will find it informative.

If this site leaves any unanswered questions, then by all means, do not hesitate to contact us.


"Among the methods which make it possible to reduce the negative effects of hypoxia or prevent it entirely is hyperbaric oxygenation." "... the principle aim of hyperbaric oxygenation lies in the prevention of hypoxia."

VI Burakovshy and LA Bockeria
Hyperbaric Oxygen and it's Value in Cardiovascular Surgery 1974

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