Through this license Barotech Chambers, used exclusively at Canadian Hyperbarics, are approved for the application of hyperbaric oxygenation on 9 Categories and 21 specific individual indications. Please refer to the tab titled Medical Device Licence. Hyperbaric chambers used at other facilities are only approved for the insured 13 Medical conditions.This accomplishment and subsequent manufacturing licence approval through Health Canada represents the most advanced use in North America and one of the most advanced use of hyperbaric oxygen in the world.

     Not limited to providing consultation to the Federal Government of Canada, Health Canada, various provincial health authorities and numerous professional Colleges and Associations his professional expertise has also been extend to the United States Veterans Association, the US Marines and the US Navy. Currently, the United States authorities are providing hyperbaric oxygenation as a primary treatment for veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

      Gordon Ward presently sits as the President of the national organization, the Canadian Association of Hyperbarics, a position that he has held since being unanimously voted as the president during the founding of the Association in 1999. He has also recently been elected as the Vice President of the Canadian Association Of Bioregulatory Medicine.

     Despite the fact that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is ‘evidence based’ and covered by Alberta Health Care to treat many medical and health conditions, it continues to be a highly ‘political’ and underutilised treatment modality within Canada. Regardless of this, Gordon continues to demonstrate his unwavering commitment to the health and welfare of his patients by being a strong advocate and educator regarding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies.

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Regardless of the academic credentials or the professional positions held in hyperbaric therapy, Gordon Ward was and remains the father of a brain injured child. After his son proved that HBO was a viable and valued therapeutic modality for Cerebral Palsy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy became a passion.


  • Member, International Board of Undersea Medicine
  • Founding Member, Canadian Association of Hyperbarics
  • President, Canadian Association of Hyperbarics
  • Vice Presient, Canadian Society of Bioregulatory Medicine
  • International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine

gordon ward 

     Gordon Ward’s involvement in hyperbarics is multifaceted.
Having spent years working with a multinational engineering
corporation and as an international engineering consultant, he
could not deny his strong desire to make a difference in the health
and lives of others. After seeing the amazing results that Hyperbaric
Oxygen had on the recovery and improved quality-of-life for his
brain injured son he knew that he needed to advocate for others.
Despite the overwhelming evidence supporting Hyperbaric Oxygen
for hypoxic brain injury, the ability to receive HBOT treatment was
a constant battle, often at the mercy of doctors who had very limited
knowledge or ability to prescribe same. Gordon was not immune to
the ‘politics’ surrounding Hyperbarics and he made a bold and
conscious choice to give up a lucrative engineering career to pursue
medical hyperbarics ​and advocate for others.

     He has been the Director of Canadian Hyperbarics Ltd. since 1995, during which time
he has been responsible for the operation of hyperbaric facilities in Edmonton, Camrose, Red Deer and Calgary. He has provided engineering, design, installation, start-up and operational training to over ​14 hyperbaric facilities spanning from Vancouver to Fredericton. As a hyperbaric facility, Canadian Hyperbarics has provided training and certification in hyperbarics to many qualified persons including MDs, NDs and Registered Nurses.

     Since December 2000, Gordon Ward has been an acknowledged Federal expert in the field of hyperbaric oxygen as a result of his direct consultation to Health Canada, Therapeutic Products Directorate during a fatality inquiry resulting from the misappropriate use of a hypobaric chamber. This expertise has been  extended to a Provincial authority where, on multiple occasions, Gordon Ward has provided expert testimony to the Alberta Health Professions Advisory Board on the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. More recently, in 2009 and 2011, this expertise has been further acknowledged through a Provincial Government professions review board under Alberta Health and Wellness.

     Gordon’s concern about the welfare of his patients and their ability to have access to this very valuable and underutilized medical treatment is truly all consuming. Gordon Ward is a consummate researcher and author of numerous documents on the therapeutic and technical aspects of hyperbaric chambers, practices and applications.

​     Working with chamber manufacturer Barotech Inc, his research was received and subsequently approved and licensed by the Federal Government of Canada, through Health Canada, Therapeutic Products Directorate, Medical Devises Bureau under the Medical Device Licence Number 60118.