"...over 90% of the time, amputation of a limb can be avoided."


Perhaps one of the largest examples of under-use involves the care of problematic wounds that do not heal - particularly the types of non-healing wounds that are common to diabetics. In this application, all professional associations in North America, and around the world, have acknowledged its validity; in this application, Hyperbaric Oxygen is an insured use, covered by health insurance providers.

As an established therapy for problem wounds, Hyperbaric Oxygen can exceed a rate of effectiveness over 90%... that is, over 90% of the time, amputation of a limb can be avoided.

Unfortunately, for the

vast majority of those

with this specific condition, amputation is a standardized response. A hyperbaric chamber is seldom readily available, even in specialized wound care facilities. Hyperbaric Oxygen is often not attempted in the treatment of these conditions even if a chamber is available. 

This situation is also true for Burns. Despite the "Approved" and insured use of Hyperbaric Oxygen for this trauma, a hyperbaric chamber is not typically available in North American Burn Units, nor is it even generally offered to the victim. In this case, the victim is left with a life of severe disfigurement, even though Hyperbaric Oxygen is known to significantly reduce the factors responsible for such disfiguring tissue damage.


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