Oxygen is normally conducted throughout the body by the hemoglobin or red blood cell. These cells are carried and delivered through the blood vessels in plasma, the fluid portion of blood.

While subjected to the additional pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber and breathing oxygen, it is the amount of oxygen carried by the plasma that increases - not the amount of oxygen carried by the red blood cells. The basic result of this effect is that oxygen is delivered further and deeper into the tissues and cells. Damaged tissues and cells that are deprived of oxygen due to trauma can then receive the oxygen required for healing. 

A hyperbaric chamber is capable of providing enough oxygen to supply the body's demand, even in the absence of red blood cells. In essence, Hyperbaric Oxygen can keep a person alive in the absence of blood. This has been a known, approved and accepted fact since the 1950's.

Hyperbaric Oxygenation is  an innocuous, non-invasive therapy that significantly increases the oxygen content in the body.

Using Hyperbaric procedures, it is a scientific and medical

fact that a higher quantity of gases in the air will be dissolved into the circulatory system and body fluids. When the inhaled gas is Oxygen, this becomes  Hyperbaric Oxygenation - using pressure to increase the amount of oxygen dissolved in the body.​ Oxygen is necassary for sustaining life; it is the essential bodily requirement for the stimulation, preservation and growth of all tissues and cells. It is the primary ingredient that the body requires to promote and effect healing.

"It's an oddity that the regular experience of blue-collar construction workers and a recreational sport can have a startlingly positive effect on the diseased and disabled; then again, exercise has always been healthy."
James Motshagen
Barotech Manufacturing  1999

    "...Hyperbaric Oxygen can keep a person alive in the absence of blood..."

​     Hyperbaric Oxygen is an accepted therapeutic proactice for the treatment of numerous diseases, physical injuries and dysfunctions. The technology was originally developed by the diving industry and advanced by the military for dealing with complications encountered by divers.

​"Hyper" is simply and increase, while "baric" refers to pressure. As a procedure or therapy, Hyperbarics is simply the process of increasing the atmospheric pressure around the body.

hyperbaric oxygen

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