“The one thing that is well understood about hyperbaric oxygen is that it delivers oxygen to tissue and cells that are lacking or have a limited supply.”
GJG Ward
Under Pressure to Heal 2001

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  • ​Dick Rutkowski - Deputy Diving Coodinator; National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration - Founder & Director; NOAA Diving/Hyperbaric Training Facility -Co-Director; NOAA/UHMS Physician Dive/Hyperbaric Training.
  • James H. Wilson CHT - Hyperbaric Engineer - Safety Director: TGH, Dept Hyperbaric Medicine - Contributor/Author; Canadian Standards Associations for Hyperbaric Facilities.
  • Dr. Kurt Hartmann - Co-founder and Chief Lecturer of Freier Verband Deutscher Heilpraktiker; Chief Lecturer for the German Paracelsius Schools; CEO and Chief Lecturer for PINA and IMAH in Austria.

    ...and many other internationally accredited civilian and           military hyperbaric experts.

  • Eric P. Kindwall MD - Sr. Diving Officer RET/Assistand Director; US Navy School of Submarine Medicine, - Chief, Hyperbaric Medicine Dept. Plastic & Reconst. Surgery/Pharmacology & Toxicology, Medical College of Wisconsin, - Past President; Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society.
  • Cmdr William A. Bateman CD, MD, DavMed - Head; Aerospace Life Support Sector, DCIEM - Specialist; Emergency Medicine - Instructor; Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
  • A. Wayne Evans MD, HBSc. - Medical Director; TGH, Dept Hyperbaric Medicine - Assist. Prof.; Dept Anesthesia, U of T - Clinical Medical Examiner.
  • G. Helge Koch MD, ADBOM, CHT - Med. Dir. RET; TGH, Dept Hyperbaric Medicine - Consultant, Diving Hyperbaric/Occupational Med. - Dive Medical Officer, DCIEM

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